Our Story

Hendricks Motorsports, LLC is located in Sanford, FL 20 minutes north of Orlando and 25 minutes south of Daytona Beach.  Owner and founder Buddy Hendricks turned his passion for automobile into successful business ventures in automotive services and professional auto racing industries. Beginning at the young age of 9 he competed in Go karts at a local track in Miami, FL where he challenged adults and won numerous races. His grandfather an aviation master machinist and father an electrical engineer would show him the ropes in preparation and repair. Many victories later he moved into drag racing building a VW bug to run 10 seconds in a ¼ mile holding a record for 3 consecutive years. Working with his first professional team was T+R racing in 1981. Preparing and building engines for their Porsche 935, Carrera’s, Lola Prototype, Corvette and mustang. Setting lap records at Daytona International Speedway, Miami Grand Prix and winning a multitude of races. Going back to his second passion, Buddy began drag racing boats and building them out of a sheet of fiberglass. Hydroplanes, alcohol powered, 1500hp blown gas flat, top fuel, all which set records and won many championships. The most prestigious record was 5.25 seconds at 225mph. With extreme speed came extreme risk, Buddy decided to go back to his roots in auto racing. Through the 90s he lead Porsche and BMW teams in IMSA to many race wins with notable overall win at 12 hours of Sebring and Top 10 at 24 hours of Daytona. Preparing and building engines for them, even building spare engines in a moving trailer on their way to the next event. Buddy built a Mazda 4 Rotor Prototype from a tub to race in the 24 hours of Daytona with a time frame of only a couple weeks and set faster lap times than other manufactures expected. Through the years he continued to build engines for many professional teams in IMSA/Grand-am, building and repairing race cars for all levels, restoring old muscle cars to the former glory and racing in SCCA himself. In 2008, he temporarily stepped away from his business and became the technical producer and co-host on horse power TV. Teaching people how to build engines and work on their cars which generated the best ratings in the shows history on spike TV. Buddy came back in 2010 to operate a historic prototype team for the France family owners of NASCAR, winning numerous races and enduros. Always ready to help any team out, he was tasked to prepare a SRT viper competition coupe for the 24 hours of Daytona. Within three weeks he managed our team to completely re-assemble the car and set the fastest laps at the Roar before the 24. The SRT viper was prepared at our facility with just a couple weeks to be ready for the 24 hours of Daytona. Running the fastest lap for any SRT viper to this date. Currently Buddy and Kimmie have been supporting a professional IMSA team winning podium finishes at Daytona and Sebring. In the past 4 years our amateur road racing clients have won multitude of championships, lap records and rookie of the year. Hendricks Motorsports, LLC has an enormous amount of experience with prototypes and sports cars of all levels. Providing integrity, honesty and exceptional service to make sure every client is satisfied. 

Meet the Team

A family that races together, stays together.


Kimmie Hendricks

Race Director / Engineer

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Buddy Hendricks

Founder / Machinist

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Marilyn Hendricks

Co-Founder / Office Manager

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