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Machine Shop

Welcome to our Machine Shop

We offer a complete in-house machine shop and engine assembly that provides any service to suit your needs. Our master machinist and engine builder with over 40 years of experience produces unparalled precision and quality.

Block Services

  • Bore & Hone
  • Sleeves
  • Deck
  • Stroker Clearance
  • Magnaflux
  • And More

Rotating Assembly Services

  • Balance
  • Rod Reconditioning
  • Degree Camshaft
  • Turn Flywheel

Assembly Services

  • Short Blocks
  • Long Blocks
  • Blue Printing
  • Race Engines

Head Services

  • Valve Job
  • Valve Guides and Seats
  • Pressure Check
  • CBN Resurfacing
  • Port and Polish
  • And More

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Precision parts cleaning technology that uses high-frequency sound waves to remove dirt and contaminants from parts. Applications: Any non-porous material that can be submerged in water. Engine Blocks, Cylinder heads, Turbochargers, Gears, Differentials, Radiators, Coolers, Electrical Components, PCB Boards, Injectors, Engine/Model Parts, Motorcycle Crank Cases and More.

  • Increased lifespan for clean parts. Well-maintained parts are likely to last longer and perform at optimal efficiency.
R:  122 G:  255 B:  182 X:49972 Y:10944 S:   29 Z:   52 F:  144

How Does Ultra Sonic Cleaning Work?
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